'The change needed is so profound that it is impossible to say. So deep that it is unimaginable. But the impossible is to come. And the unthinkable is due...' 


Paul B. Preciado - Feminism is not a humanism.


Working On My Night Moves is a journey towards a feminist futurism and a celebration of the uncertain as a political stance. Night moves is a poetic attempt to build a black hole and reach outer space, a Wizard of Oz fever dream and a love letter to the spaces that sit in between. By diffusing the power in the room could we ultimately defy gender, and the patriarchy and time and space and quantum physics?


Working On My Night Moves builds a collective utopia out of movement; Ideologies, bodies, continents are all constantly moving, shifting, cracking. Allowing our minds to fall in love with the ever shifting crack between any two ideological positions may be road to utopia. 


Supported in development by Battersea Arts Centre, Basement Theatre and Magnetic North. This work will premiere in March 2019. Footage available on request.