Created by Julia Croft, Virginia Frankovich & Nisha Madhan

“The Female Gaze is the green stuff you find in the brain of your lobster. It is organ meat and liver and pancreas. Or that roe inside, chains of red eggs knit together you open up your lobster and everyone goes eeewwwwww it has a million generations of lobster in it no wonder it is scary” – Jill Soloway.

Medusa is a live art theatrical performance investigation the aesthetics of fascination, the female gaze and celebrating the transformative and erotic power of female rage. Medusa is a theatre poem, a noise gig, and an ode to the monster within us all. Medusa  deconstructs and teases out the classic narratives in an exploration of what a female gaze could look like and how it can hold power.   It is an  image based, physical and sonic using original text, movement and live music.

Who can resist using the snake infested monster as a metaphorical pool within which to swim. The idea of Medusa is rich with mysteries unfolding, things that lurk in the dark, cosmic fascination and subconscious activity oozing out of every pore, as well as a frenzy of socio-political readings.

This is a deconstruction of the classic narrative(s) in order to explore what a female gaze could look like and how it can hold power.   Our worlds are not stories that have beginnings, middles and neatly tied up ends.  Our worlds start in the middle of ever continuing circles, of triangles within triangles, eyes within eyes.  This is a ritual of questioning the power structures around us.

“Medusa is a performance that stretches itself out and wraps itself around the words, deconstructing them from within. Layers of meta upon meta and sound upon sound, this performance is a visceral artistic feast”

- Theatrescenes-

This, I promise you, will be the show you remember in twenty years’ time…it is a show that defies convention, defies logic, and celebrates what it means to be female in all its rage and glory. “

- Tearaway magazine-

Emotional anarchy, comedic, purgative, liberating...I am profoundly grateful i got to experience it”

- Theatreview-

Created by: Nisha Madhan, Julia Croft & Virginia Frankovich

Sound design: Claire Duncan

Performance design: Meg Rollandi

Lighting design & operation: Calvin Hudson

Dramaturg: Kate Prior

Production Management: Ruby Reihana-Wilson for Zanetti Productions

Producer: Lydia Zanetti for Zanetti Productions