The Town Centre is a collective of independent theatre artists bought together by Nisha Madhan. The Town Centre Present:


The Town Centre presents genre-defying, anarchic and party fueled hour in which 4 performers lie, cheat and run gleefully into the face of failure.  LIES is a deliberately unstable world of theatrical discord and pure play.

“It breaks every rule of the theatre ….” – Theatreview



Future husband is an international, contemporary performance collective  making work out of New York City. We are drawn together by our shared commitment to creating unique interactive art experiences and exploring the boundaries of what performance could be. We are five artists from around the world drawing on our wide-ranging experiences in puppetry, improvisational dance, theater, visual art and slam poetry. Born in SITI Company’s Conservatory program, Future Husband incorporates the aesthetics of avant-garde performance, post-modern dance, and queer art to engage audiences in shared experiences. Future Husband Presents:

5 artists visit 5 psychics. We don't know what will happen next. this is the show and this is not the show.

"Wake" is an exploration of future, beginnings and narrative. How could we conceive of a future that makes revolutions, big or small, possible any second? How do we challenge structures that seem permanent and immoveable? It might begin with stories and the stories we tell ourselves about the future. We are saturated by narratives of endings and demise, be it global warming or zombies, it seems clear the future is coming and it doesn’t look good. Can we embrace unpredictability? How do we leave all possibilities on the table? How do we allow for all futures to exist? How do we be brave? How do we see time as a series of endless beginnings? Time could be a lie. The future could be many things simultaneously. At any second the universe could change, or at least we like to pretend it could….

Presented at Dixon Place as part of the Hot Festival, SITI studios and Grace exhibition space.